DoTA vs Counter Strike

DoTA and Counter Strike (CS) are the world most popular online games. There are some proofs for that. First of all, DoTA and CS almost been played in every place in this world, especially in Game Tournaments. Second, the fans of these games spread all over the world. A little examples, in Indonesia, there are a lot of DoTA mania and CSers. And I’ve just known that DoTA has a unofficial song that sung by a Croatian.

Now, it’s time for the comparation. DoTA is very complex. It can be its weak point and strong point. The complexicity of DoTA makes us to control our self to attack the enemy. We need to prepare our self well before attacking the enemy. On the other hand, its complexicity sometimes also makes us bored to wait the level up. That’s all about DoTA.

Now, It’s CS. CS is a very simple game. All we need just buy weapons and attack enemy. We don’t need to increase our level. Just buy weapons and shoot the enemy. The weak point is the long waiting time after we die if we play it offline, because almost all of the AI (BOT) easy to beat (include the expert one).

So, which one do you prefer? Monster Kill or Terrorist Wins?


6 thoughts on “DoTA vs Counter Strike

  1. for me ill prefer DOTA ” monster killing “…..
    its nice to play and it is like a modern chess game were you will protect your tower (DOTA)- kingdom (CHESS)….
    i encourage you to play DOTA…..

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