My New Camera – Samsung WB150F

2 weeks ago, I went to a department store in my city named homeplus. This department store is not as big as Shinsegae or Lotte Department Store, but I think it suits me, because the price is not as expensive as them. That’s why, for a student with not-so-much scholarship, Homeplus is better.

What did I do there? Usually I go there to buy some snacks, foods, beverages, or other things for daily consumption. That day, I went there to buy a camera. Actually, I don’t know whether I really need a new camera or I want a new camera because my old camera is half-broken because of age. And then, i tried to look the cameras on the display. Then, my eyes suddenly focused on a white camera.

It’s a Samsung camera. its type is WB150F. I was very amazed at that time knowing that it has so many great features.

  • 14.2 Megapixels
  • 18x optical zoom
  • Schneider lens
  • HD video recording
  • Wi-Fi with social media connection
  • Some Instagram-liked filters
  • Manual mode

From all of them, the feature that I like the most is manual mode. Using this pocket camera, I can adjust not only shutter speed but also aperture, just like a SLR camera.

How much is it? Once more, I don’t know whether it is cheap or expensive because I didn’t check the price on the internet. But i think 300.000 KRW is a good price for this great camera.

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