Me and My Dream

When I was in elementary school, I had a dream to continue my study in Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Any major will do. I was influenced by my mother’s friend whose daughters (yes, both of them are female) continued their study in ITB. As time goes by, I finished by elementary, middle, and high school. God gave me a wide road to ITB. Unlike The Beatles’s song, the long and winding road, my road was smooth, short, and (by the help of God) quite simple.

In shoet, I got my dream, I went to ITB to continue my study. After 4 years of struggling, I graduated from my own childhood dream. Then?

My other childhood dream was holding a concert in Jakarta Convention Center. As I remember, I stated this (almost) impossible dream when I was in middle school. Why? I’m sure that at that time I liked music, I could play any instruments, and I could sing. Also, joining the elementary school band for 3 years (how great I was! lol) and the middle school band for 3 years were enough to be a musician. But i forgot about one thing, focus.

My road to ITB was opened because I totally focused to it. On the other hand, my road to be a great musician who hold a concert in JCC was uneasy. Although music was still be my friend when I was in high school and in ITB (of course, I can’t stand a day without listening to music until today), I just played the music in some events, not regularly. But, the craziest thing still happened when I was in ITB, I stated that I will be a real musician in 2013, make an album and also hold a concert. A fake promise? A perjury?

Now it seems like a real lie. I want to be a musician, but instead of focus on music after finishing my undergraduate study, I continue my study abroad. Well, I don’t want to lie to myself. I still want to be a musician, and I will be a musician!

Therefore, now I try to recall all the songs I’ve ever made and all the song arrangement I’ve ever done. I don’t want my dream to be a dream, I want it becomes reality.

Once again, I state it here, wait for me! Wait for a musician who (hopefully) has a master degree in computer science. Just like the title of my life,

Life is for learning and playing music.



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