Time Flies, doesn’t it?

You realize it, don’t you? These days, I work on my thesis, make some songs for my future album, write some articles for my future book and try to interact well with others. Suddenly I realize that now I am already 23.

  • 2 Years ago, I worked on my final project for my undergraduate study. I stayed all night calibrating the webcams in order to get the best experimental picture from the stereo microscope which located inside School of Biology of ITB. My major wasn’t biology, but my final project was related to stereo microscope 3D imaging. My observation objects were Tubifex tubifex and newly born mice. Aside from the fact that I went to biology building (it is heaven for an engineering student, IYKWIM), It was an interesting final project.
  • 6 years ago, I was in the last year of high school. I studied very hard for national university entrance examination, night and day. I even had a big accident (it wasn’t me who got hurt, but the persons that I hit) at the night I come back home from studying with my friends. The rest thing that I remembered was my father said, “No more driving for 2 months said my father”
  • 9 years ago, I was middle school student who performed in front of other students and their parents at graduation ceremony. And of course, I was awesome at that time.
  • 12 years ago, the little and cute me was in the middle of elementary school graduate ceremony, being listed as top 10 students. It also was my third performance as a member of my elementary school band. How cool I was at that time.
  • 23 years ago, 17th September 1989, a cute little baby with black wavy hair was born. His parents called him Yonny.

Yes, time does fly, so do I.


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