Several Things about Ironman 3

*warning, spoiler alert!!*

Last night I watched Ironman 3. I expected much from this movie as the first superhero movie in 2013. Well, I disappointed since there are many unsatisfying things for me there.

  • I watched the 3D version, but I saw nothing special on it. No flying bomb, no arrow (of course, because there’s no Hawkeye), no 3D interaction between the actors and the viewers. The movie’s depth and scenery is in 3D, but just a normal 3D. Not as 3D as ‘Life of Pi’ or ‘Avatar’. For me, they failed to make use the 3D technology.
  • I don’t like the new suit. Okay, tony has many suits. But for me, as a conservative superhero lover, his red-orange suit is the best. And of course I don’t like Iron Patriot. War Machine is much cooler and stronger, not only because of the name, but also the suit color.
  • Too many suits. Tony made many suits, he saved them in the basement of his bombed house, and somehow all suits were saved from the attack. And guess what, in the end, all of them were resurrected at once.
  • Cast off, cast off, and cast off. Tony took of his suit uncountable times. Well, it shows how genious he is in making all that thing possible.
  • Jarvis evolved too much. Jarvis, which already a genious computer in the previous movies, suddenly became a super power genious extraordinary computer in this movie. He can control everything, including all suits. But sadly, he can’t protect Tony’s house from Mandarin’s attack
  • Even though it is Ironman movie, not War Machine, I think they should put more role for him (War Machine / Iron Patriot). Not only as trojan horse to kill the president and his savior also

On the other hand, the things that I like are:

  • Gwyneth Paltrow in sport bra. How sexy and athletic she is.
  • Amazing computer vision technology
  • ‘Mandarin’

There is also a link between this movie with Avengers, but there’s no clue of Avengers 2 (I can’t see Nick Fury etc.). Well, from all the things above, let me give 6.5-7 for Ironman 3.

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