Android App Review: TASKER

I’ve been using a new android application named Tasker. As it name says, this app is related with some user tasks. Specifically, this app can automate tasks which are usually set manually by user. There are 2 main parts of this app, first is Profile and second is Tasks. Profile is set of conditions to be fulfilled before executing tasks. Let’s take a look at one of my Profile.

My profile name: LOW Battery
Context: My battery level is between 0 and 5
Tasks name: Save Battery
– Auto Brightness = off
– Display Brightness = 0
– Display Timeout = 15 seconds
– Max CPU frequency = 800000Hz
– Send SMS to my wife = (auto SMS) Low Battery. Please contact the other phone
– Speak text = “Warning, Low Battery”

The set of action will be executed when my battery level is between 0 and 5. The problem is, my phone still retains the condition even though I charged my phone and my battery level is above 5. In this case, we can put something called Exit Task.

Tasks name: Normal Battery
– Auto Brightness = On
– Display Timeout = 1 minute
– Max CPU frequency = 1000000Hz
This will be my phone default state when its battery between 6 and 100.

This app quite useful in case of automate some tasks. Of course, you can use your creativity and make cooler profiles and tasks for your phone.

*You can get this app for US$2.99 from Google Play Store.